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As a major competitor Jingdong , Lynx also ushered in peak sales .Pan Guihua think , more bloody eliminated in 2-3 years .While the other side , but it is a great data thriving : 2011 Chinese e-commerce market as a whole transactions reached 7 trillion yuan , an increase of 46. Where to buy authentic Chinese secondary cities commercial retail enterprises , but also eager to have to do , " King" , " State " as the goal , trying to expand their turf , and then extended to the periphery.Chen Ou speak for himself four Eslite : Han Han, Wang Luo Dan, Li and China good voice students and other Eslite is vertical B2C platform , a kingpin clothing , but also inexpensive, style and beautiful to attract a lot of consumers.

Because the price war would mean businesses must be a certain level of profit sharing . At present, these brands of clothing has just completed the expansion of brand awareness , real brand competition has not yet come , now just stand site is positioned next competition , cultural competition .Results of scrimmage is the big fish are generally small fish " hypoxia " severe hypoxia on suffocation.The main reason is the purchasing power of residents under the premise of stable growth , intense competition in the retail market share so that it is averaged ." A not to be named supplier revealed that because only received verbal notice Lynx aspects , they are not going to take it seriously, "This is actually grab the supplier benefits no one , to be honest , that time two-eleven , missing some important brands, not necessarily for the Lynx is a good thing .It is understood that , in order to reserve manpower , they would want a variety of ways .

You can thus met the master of creative inspiration , find your own path of life . goose parka Rapid and powerful propaganda effect speed Internet development makes our lives more and more inseparable from the network , while the network can bring us not only the transfer of information so simple, inadvertently we get more from the Internet more business opportunities.The release of Wang Zhen boldly works hard neat architectural style into womens soft and delicate , and use the cut and lines showing the independent personality of modern women , has brought new inspiration for fashion design .

Thousands of stores side , features not prominent .2003 China exported raw wool 36,675 tons , down 12. Buy Cheap COFCO Group Zhou Ying , director of e-commerce in the two- eleven after issuing such a sigh : "The traditional brand re- do the electricity supplier really no business can be a !" WOWO ( China ) Co.